CUSTOM Pet Memorial Kitchen Towel - You Left Pawprints on My Heart Waffle or Plush Towel


--Lightly waffled lightweight towels are made of microfiber - 80% polyester 20% polymide; Lint free, exceptional drying ability.
--Plush towels are made of extremely soft velour, 100% polyester. They are thicker than the waffle towels. Keep in mind that the plush towels may need to have the "nap" lightly brushed with your hand at times.
--Measures approximately 15" x 25"
--Design is dyed into the fibers of the towel and will not fade, crack or peel. You won't even feel it! Machine wash and dry.
--Customized items are not returnable.


—Email photo to

-- Choose photos where both sides of the pet's face are the same brightness, especially for darker animals.
-- Be sure the pet's face is in focus.
-- You may send 2-3 photos and we will choose the one that works best.
-- You may include more than one pet in the photo, but they look better if sitting close to each other.
-- Bright, high resolution photos will be the most crisp on the towel.